Ego Update

is the name of the exhibition. What's a selfie, are you selfish, self esteem, how's your self doing, do it yourself, selfdisguised, beyond one's self, self service, self destruction, selfcriticism and other self topics, spread out there...on the white warmlighted walls of the NRW Forum. I saw people with suffering faces, void faces, faked wings, faked bodies, and no smile at all. Saw the countdown of a consumption generation that ends up questioning itself if it's not the other way around and they might be consumed by the things. Saw bored people in despair seeking for their individuality and beauty and finding it in their virtual mostly unrealistic avatar projections. Yawners, exhibitionists, masqued, cut and pasted, distorted, stripped, faked, forced, cramped, unhappy. Trying to break bounds and stereotips, they fall into another dimension: they rip off their clothes and manners to reveal more chains and boundaries...of the banal flesh, of the exhausted inners, of the tired and obsolete creativity, welcome new old world without much left to say. In this regard, let's close with a flash of middlefinger, like on the big exhibition wall shown by duzens of selfie extroverts.


Hier finden Sie mich

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