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or...why will some people from now on hate me... 

Everybody needs somebody...it's like in this silly song...somebody who stares at your postings even he doesn't give a sh... on them...somebody who cares by spending a like on your status "Just arrived in Mississippi, it looks like I have 40 degrees in the shadow...", "Just have eaten a burger in New York. It's awesome! I think I'll get another one...", "Babe, I love you more every day, so happy I've got you...", "Yes, I did it, broke my toothbrush...Usually I don't brush, but when I do, then right!"...and nevertherless this philosophical stuff who makes my hair go wild "It's not making you crazy not to know something for sure, but first what you know for sure", "If I'm falling down it's not because of gravity, but because I am pregnant...", oh oh oh 1000 likes...Ok, I accept, this is fortunately spontaneously invented, the reality looks a bit crazier...at least in pictures. One pic per hour would be my modest dream...But no, we have dozens per hour: Mississippi by day, by night, me in the Mississippi, Mississippi without me, my face in front of Mississippi, my face falling down into Mississippi, alligator coming out from Mississippi, alligator eating me in the Mississippi, Mississippi without me, without alligator and with bloody camera...everything packed in the album "Fabulous come-backless journey to Mississippi".

Facebook... it already states by name...it's a face book, a book of faces...everybody wants to see and be seen, everybody posts faces, smily faces, grumpy faces, beckoning faces, mugging faces. Everybody makes faces and poses, knitting his brows, pocking his tongue out to the stupid viewer, gazing languorously, jumping in the air with stretched legs and arms, hairs in the wind, doing splits, finally being interesting...Interesting has again different faces...Boring for me, interesting for you, me Jane, you Tarzan...


Well they say: if you don't like it, then don't use it...but of COURSE I like it...it is so entertaining to discover preferences, meals, dinners, lovers, pets, babies, underwear, problem zones, unsocial behaviour, self-esteem, barbeques and kisses on the toilette paper, complicated and unresolved relationship status, number of burgers eaten and half time to excretion, local times and temperatures, flying and gestating frequency, depressive outcomes, the association between cooking abilities of wives and the huge bellies of husbands, sexual interests and willingness, schizofrenic ups and downs from  extremely undermooded to extremely oversmiled and this for...90% of your friends, 70% of whom you met once by chance, 60% of whom you haven't seen again...50% of whom you wanted to visit some time in the future...40% of whom have been necessitated by Facebook to gratulate you on your birthday...30% of whom have used the Facebook contact to visit your country/city and thereafter were lost to follow up, 20% of whom you almost liked, and finally10% of whom you still respect today, after getting to know their Facebookology...



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