Since we're born we learn to cope with losing things...We lose our hairs, some other grow again, later we lose teeth and we get new ones, we lose lollipops on the beach, later hats, gloves and umbrellas, keys and portemonnaies...we lose good friends we made in kindergarden, colleagues from primary school...later boy and girlfriends, siblings, parents., positions, reputation, interest...our whole existence we get something in order to have something to lose...or maybe we just lose something in order to have something to get...We lose to understand how valuable things were that we had. To understand we don't actually possess anything. Like a friend of mine once said: we didn't lose each other cause we never had each other...Well, after some time his statement changed the other way around, but by that time I was already lost to follow up...

Yesterday I lost the see. Again. As every year I have a see to lose. Was a dark greenish at shore, blue in the middle and black at the horizon see...Was the see of my childhood, actually lost many years ago and just reconquered during my vacation. I hear ambulances whistling with their penetrating sirenes through the city and wonder how many people must fight right now against losing their lives. It's hot and dusty, and the leaves lost their green in change of burned variations of yellow. On TV I've seen today the mourning faces of parents who lost their 4 years old boy, who was ripped to bones by slum dogs on a place for kids in the middle of our capital. An actor losing his memory due to Alzheimer is a sad actor losing his role. Such one was killed today by some criminal who broke in his appartment and fulfilled this way one of the wishes expressed in his latest theater play - an old couple was telling to a young couple: "I hope you're criminal enough to kill us both...".

Some people lose their freedom, some other lose their faith, their health, their motivation, their wealth, their trust in others, in life, the sense of humor...the last thing to lose and the first thing we get is our life.     



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